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On-Site Interpretation Services: $70 an hour with a 3-hour minimum charge for a half-day booking and a 5-hour minimum charge for a full-day booking. Travel time is billed at $35 an hour when it is not covered by the 3- or 5-hour minimum billing. Mileage is billed at $0.565/mile.

Telephone Interpretation: $1 a minute with a $50 minimum charge.

Scheduling On-Site or Telephone Interpretation Services:

E-mail us with the date, time & location of where services will be needed, and we will schedule it from there.

Cancellation Policy: We employ a 48-hour, business day, cancellation policy. To illustrate, if we are contracted to provide interpreter services for a trial starting on Monday at 9 AM, notice of cancellation must be given by Thursday at 9 AM to avoid the minimum charge billable for the appointment. If the trial were starting Wednesday morning at 9 AM, then notice would have to be given by Monday morning at 9 AM. If we are contracted for numerous days, only the days beyond the 48-hour cancellation window would not be billed the minimum fee if the appointment is cancelled.

Payment: We encourage the firms that we assist in retained cases to openly communicate to their clients the estimated cost of the services to be rendered and to collect these funds for deposit into their client trust account prior to services being rendered.

If you are interested in making an appointment for interpreting services, please go to our Contact Us page or e-mail us from here.

You can also call us directly at 919-818-1352, or toll free at 888-225-0695.

In just mentioning a few of our past clients, we've provided interpretation services for:

U.S. Federal District Court, Eastern District of North Carolina

U.S. Federal Public Defenders Office, Eastern District of North Carolina

U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service

North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts

North Carolina Office of Administrative Hearings

The Law Firm of Hedrick, Gardner, Kincheloe and Garofalo

The Law Firm of Cranfill, Sumner & Hartzog

The Law Firm of Teague, Cambell, Dennis & Gorham

Nationwide Insurance

State Farm insurance

Allstate Insurance

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